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Japanese Amulet "OMAMORI(御守り)"


Japanese Amulet "OMAMORI(御守り)" is a traditional Japanese culture, I show various effects just have.Please press the OK button to select background, character, the type. Amulet that is displayed in the widget will be changed.※If the widget does not appear, try removing the widget from the home screen, please re-install and re-start the app.
Types are as follows:・Good health(MU-BYO-SO-KU-SA-I 無病息災) Not sick, so you are in good health.・Family security(KA-NA-I-A-N-ZE-N 家内安全) Home to so that it does not become an accident or illness. So are in good health a family all of us.・Easy delivery amulet(A-N-ZA-N-O-MA-MO-RI 安産御守) Child is born to you there is no danger or pain.・Prosperous business(SHO-BA-I-HA-N-JO 商売繁盛) Trade goes well, profit is so much comes out.・Disease convalescence(BYO-KI-HE-I-YU 病気平癒) Disease as you heal. Surgery to be successful.・Wish fulfillment(SHI-N-GA-N-JO-JU 心願成就) A wish to come true.・Dispel evil spirits(A-KU-RYO-TA-I-SA-N 悪霊退散) Evil spirits as to withdraw from around me